The Productivity Pyramid

Montele Hogan

August 19, 2011

Some people wonder why they don’t feel any sense of achievement despite being productive and accomplishing all the things they want in life. Many have even reached the peak of success and achieve what they want, but still don’t feel complete and happy about it. This is what the productivity pyramid is all about – to help people better feel a sense of accomplishment and achieve personal development by knowing their governing values and effectively setting their goals.

The productivity pyramid, also known as personal fulfilment pyramid, is a concept authored by Hyrum Smith, and is included in his book entitled “The Ten Natural Laws of Successful Time and Life Management. It has four main elements: governing values, long-range goals, intermediate goals, and daily tasks.

Governing Values. The governing values are the foundation of the pyramid or your personal fulfilment. Identifying your values and beliefs is crucial as this leads to an effective time management technique. These values may refer to your personal traits and beliefs that you feel are valuable and worthwhile. Examples of these values are independence, intelligence and wisdom, family, self-respect, and countless others.

Long-Range Goals. Above the governing values are your long-range goals. These goals refer to what you want to happen to your life or what you want to achieve 10 or 20 years after. Create one long-range goal for each of the governing value that you have listed.  Setting goals that are aligned to your governing values helps you better achieve a sense of fulfilment and gives you no personal dissatisfaction.

Intermediate Goals. These goals are basically the same with your long-range goals, except that the intermediate ones refer to those that you want to achieve by the end of the week, month or probably within the next 90 days. Just like your long-range goals, this must also reflect your governing values and must be measurable and realistic.

Daily Tasks. Your daily tasks depend on your long-range and intermediate goals and must contain all the things that you need to do to achieve your goals and fulfil your highest values. Spend 10 to 15 minutes each day to plan all the things that you want to accomplish for the day. Successfully listing your daily tasks increases your overall effectiveness and you’ll be able to achieve more in life.

All these four elements play an important role in the productivity pyramid so make sure you’ll go through each of them as you create your own. The most important of all is to let the pyramid guide you as you go through the steps of fulfilling your values and becoming successful in life.